Getting Sidetracked

One of the hardest things I struggle with as a writer and as a bipolar person with adult ADHD is maintaining focus and concentration when I’m trying to write. I started out two days ago writing about how to find a good psychiatrist and then somehow wound up spending the entire weekend so far researching the anti-psychiatry movement and a type of discrimination called “ableism.” Obviously these are really fascinating topics, and I’m trying my best to wrap my brain around the concepts so I can distill them down into an article to share here on my blog at some point in the future; in the meantime, however, I’m painfully aware that I’ve missed the deadline for two or three other posts. (Granted, I set the deadlines myself, but I’m disappointed in myself for not being able to overcome my challenges and stick to them.)

So, this is me apologizing for letting my readers down. It might be presumptuous of me to assume any of my readers (and according to Google Analytics, I have around 15 of them right now) are really so engaged by what I have to say that they’ll feel disappointed by having to wait a little longer for my next post, and I realize that those of you reading probably already understand the difficulties I have on a daily basis and probably wouldn’t begrudge me for them; but still, I made a pledge, and I feel honor-bound to keep it. That being said, I am currently striving towards completing today’s promised post and will have it up as soon as possible.

I hope it’s sunny today where you live and that your day has been wonderful so far (or, barring that, at least tolerable).

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