Recalibrating… Recalibrating… Recalibrating…

You know how sometimes you set out to go somewhere and you program your destination into your GPS or your smartphone, only to get halfway there and need to pull over for a bathroom break? (This happens about every 20 minutes when I’m in the car; my bladder hates long drives.) As soon as you take the next exit on the Interstate or hang a U-turn into the gas station parking lot, your poor GPS announces “RECALIBRATING,” as if your car had suddenly transported to a different planet and the voice inside the machine belonged to the person responsible for making sure you didn’t get sucked out into space. (Or maybe I’m just imagining the panic in Siri’s voice.)

Anyway, in case it isn’t obvious, this is my very first blog, and I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. For one thing, I don’t know how to shut up. For another, I think I may have grossly overestimated the amount of writing I can produce daily. I’m headed to bed in a few minutes (because sleep is crucial to effectively managing a mental illness), but in the morning I plan to edit my “Upcoming Articles” calendar to reflect a more realistic schedule. I will still post as often as I can, so don’t be worried about long dry spells; I just apparently need to take more breaks than I was anticipating.

That being said, I probably won’t be able to do any writing tomorrow because I need to complete the training to volunteer at a local crisis hotline, and that might end up taking most of the day. Thanks for sticking with me; I’ll try to post a TiMMYS or something in the morning if I have time.

Do yourself a favor and go to bed early tonight.

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