About Me

My name is Sarah, but my family calls me Sarah Beth, and since we’re going to be close, you can call me that too.

I have type I (juvenile) diabetes, severe anxiety, adult ADHD, a rare form of obsessive-compulsive disorder called “pure O” (which sounds like a fun fruit drink but isn’t), and bipolar disorder II (depressive type). I am a rapid cycler, which means my state of mental health is very unstable and difficult to regulate. I am also the survivor of a massive stroke that irreversibly damaged the dominant side of my body when I was a child. My life is made up of constant struggle, frequent disaster, and, thankfully, brief flashes of joy. My dream is to spread awareness of the reality of mental illness to the larger world and to help people like me (and like you) to press ever onward in the face of our shared hardship.


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Evan says:

    Hi Sarah! My name is Evan – we talked on the phone earlier. I love your blog! You are quite good at writing and expressing yourself. Keep it up! I passed on the info you gave me and I hope that we can be helpful.



    • Sarah Beth says:

      Hi Evan! Thank you so much for the help and praise! Folks, this gentleman is a representative from the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA). He’s proof that there are organizations out there staffed by kind and caring individuals who are eager to help people with mental illness in any way they can. He’s also helping me get the word out about my blog. The DBSA website is full of great information about depression and bipolar disorder, and I highly recommend you give it a look.


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